Saturday, May 28, 2011

Time Out

Wedesday when I picked up Maddan I was told she was put in time out - twice. Although not a rare occurrence, as she is reaching that two year mark, today was a little different. It seems that one was well deserved as she pushed Baby Ellie. The second, however, was not an "official" time out. As it was told to me, the girls, Claire, Amber and Maddan were playing in the backyard. They have been told numerous times that they are not to play in the dirt. Claire does not really like this rule and apparently tests it every now and then. Today she did it again. When asked if she had been playing in the dirt she said no. Ms. Bon asked to see her hands and, not surprisingly, they were dirty. Off to time out she went. Next up was Amber. When she was asked, she admitted that she had been in the dirt, showed her hands and went to time out too. Although not initially involved, Maddan, seeing all of this happen, went over, placed her hands in the dirt and proceeded to walk over to Ms. Bon with her hands out! Obligingly, Ms. Bon sent her to time out as well. Still not too sure how I feel about the whole thing!!

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