Monday, February 2, 2009

From Florida with love...

Marty's office

The view from outside of his office

The view from Marty's place

As may of you may know, my wife is in California while I play with baseball people here in Miami to help pay the bills. Most days I catch myself thinking of how my unborn baby is progressing, and wondering how my wife can take care of a house, two dogs, home repairs, work…all while growing our baby. Then I think about how I was blessed with one of the strongest women I have ever known. Someone who shares the same strength as my parents, making me think they came from the same mold. When the day comes that we are actually able to live in the same house we will be as strong as any steel, solid as any gold and harder to crack then any safe.

I am hoping that I am home before Baby Sewell comes into this world, which if it hasn’t been stated, is tentatively July 11. So if you are keeping score, that would be three July birthdays, the rest of the year, nothing. And, if it weren’t bad enough that all of our birthdays are in the same month, the first name of our little one will also start with an ‘M’. At least the monogrammed towels will work for the whole family!!!

And yes, my husband IS this sweet!

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