Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Our "kids"

Puppy Maverick and Old Lady Missy

Oh how I LOVE my dad!

Yes, I'm over twenty years old...don't I look GREAT??

So, here they are...our "kids."
Missy came first. She is over twenty years old and can't see or hear very well. Bless her heart, she has even lost a tooth or two!
Marty found Maverick at the humane society almost two years ago. We were told that he was a boxer/lab mix and would grow to be 60 pounds. HA! He is almost 100. We should have known not to trust them, the card also listed him as a girl!
We love them so much. They both bring so much to our family. It's going to be amazing bringing home a baby to the mix!

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  1. sweet doggie pictures! I love them!

    hey--I tagged you on my blog today...better go check it out :)